Sunday, November 19, 2006

BBQ by the pool

So today I did the BBQ by the pool, gee living in queensland is hard to take!! It was at a friends house who has two kids, one is around 18 months old, and the other is only 6-8 month, and gee they couldn't be two more different kids. The eldest is very quiet, almost what people would call shy, you can see that she is always thinking. When she was a baby she would spend hours staring at people. The youngest is very happy go lucky, continually smiling and laughing. It's at this stage where you may think that the youngest will have a easier life, as friendly people tend to get further in this day and age. But is that just a sign of todays culture? why is that if you are not friendly you are shunned by society??

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Searching for a home

Today i did some recon on a place to live. I love the convience, and the professionalism of the city, yet sometimes yearn for the piece and quiet of the country. Today's prices are such that I'm looking in the outer suburbs, and today I explored Goodna.

So what makes a good place to live for me? I'm a solitary kind of a guy, so i like to visit places I can blend into, this works well in the city, as people tend to neglect other people in a faceless crowd. However, I have lived in Toowong for 2 years now and I fear I am becoming a common face. The shopkeppers recognise me, so g'day, and in some cases even know my usual fare. A coffee shop I frequent is a takeaway afair, where they shout out your order, and leave it for you on the bench to collect. A rather attractive young lady made my coffee this morning and as she called out the order she looked straight at me. What wrong with that I hear you say! Good question I say